A Family Owned Business

about all tunes entertainment

All Tunes Entertainment has been in business since 2005. Dale Togstad had 54 years experience repairing and restoring jukeboxes, pinball machines, pool tables, and various other machines. Dale passed his knowledge down to his grandson, Will Togstad, who now operates All Tunes Entertainment. Will restores and repairs jukeboxes – which includes full restoration of the cabinets and all mechanical parts of the jukebox. Contact us for special order & hard to find items. We are a restoration and refurbishing solution for Jukeboxes and bar style gaming entertainment devices. We also sell Jukebox parts to fulfill all your needs.

Restoration: We Will Restore Seeburg, Wurlitzer, AMI, and Rock-ola. This all depends on a lot of things, but we will disassemble the Jukebox first. Then we will order all the parts we need. After that we send all our chrome to Smitty’s Chrome Platting in Oshkosh, NE. After that process we strip the cabinet and start the re-veneering process. We will then clean all the mechanical parts, recap the control center and Amp. Then when that’s all done we reassemble the machine.

about will togstad

Will got into Jukeboxes by helping his Grandpa Dale, who was experienced in working with Jukeboxes for over 50 years. They would work on the jukeboxes in Grandpa Dale’s garage. They would work on Seeburg Jukeboxes when Will got out of high school. The first Seeburg jukebox they ever worked on was a Seeburg V200, which Will thought was a beautiful machine.

A few years later, Will’s parents bought a building to restore machines out of, where Will has been working in ever since his Grandpa Dale passed away. Will continued to restore machines just like how Grandpa Dale taught him, and hired a few part-time employees on the way. One machine can take up to a year for the restoration to get done, and they will do complete restorations as per requested by customers.

Will’s father Tom got into machines when he was a young boy. He always had a jukebox in his house and would go out with Grandpa Dale to the dump when the machine was junked out. He would bust them up with ball bats to look for quarters in the machine. Tom listens to his music every night on his Seeburg jukebox.